Email from Katy ISD on 9/18/2020

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September 18, 2020

Dear Katy ISD Parents and Guardians,  

Below is this week’s Smart Restart eNews.  More information about Katy ISD’s return to school can also be found on the Smart Restart webpage!  

*NEW* CTE Course Fees 

KVA CTE students enrolled in Floral Design, Principles of Human Services, Culinary Arts I, and/or Cosmetology I are required to pay a course fee. Lab supplies and materials are purchased solely using the course fee. All course fees for KVA students must be paid on Katy ISD Pay N Go. Instructions on how to access the fees can be found here: Pay N Go Course Fee. Parents may request a course fee waiver by completing and submitting a Course Fee Waiver form. Forms can be requested from the campus and/or CTE instructor.  

Floral Design and Principles of Human Services will have lab supplies that will need to be picked up at various times throughout the six weeks. Teachers will communicate with students and parents the dates, time, and location of lab item pickup, as well as how the labs will be submitted for evaluation and assessment. At-home labs can begin the second six weeks, September 28, 2020. KVA students enrolled in these CTE courses are required to pick-up lab supplies to complete their assignments at home. 

*NEW* Free Breakfast and Lunch Meals  

Beginning Monday, September 21, breakfast and lunch meals will be free to all students whether on campus or enrolled in KVA and using the grab n go pick up.  Breakfast and lunch meals served at the curbside sites are also available to all Katy area children 18 and under.  This free meal benefit is a temporary program which is expected to last through December 2020.   

Curbside Grab and Go breakfast and lunch, ready to heat and eat at home, can be picked up at: Morton Ranch High School, Mayde Creek High School and Cinco Ranch High School from 4 – 6 p.m.  Monday through Friday as per the school schedule.   

As of Thursday, September 17, Seven Lakes High School will no longer offer curbside meals.  Parents may pick up breakfast and lunch meals at the curbside Grab and Go sites for children 18 and under listed above.   

Katy ISD students may have one breakfast and one lunch per day.  Students who eat meals at school are not eligible for a meal at the Grab and Go location. If parents are picking up meals for their children and the children are not present, identification for each Katy ISD enrolled child such as an ID, report card, or birth certificate must be presented prior to receiving the meals.   

*NEW* Phase 1 Safety Protocols Effective September 28 

In preparation for the next secondary six-week grading period, the Phase 1 Safety Protocols will continue to be in effect.  Additional modifications to the Phase 1 Safety Protocols can be found here

*NEW* Legacy Parent Academy: September Session 

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, which is the second leading cause of death for young people between 10 and 24. Katy ISD's Legacy Parent Academy (LPA) is kicking off the 2020-2021 school year series by discussing how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of suicide and methods to discuss suicide with children at age-appropriate levels. This year, all LPA sessions with be held virtually.  

  • Session Title: Warning Signs & Symptoms of Suicide, Dealing with Suicide, and Managing Speaking with Children about Suicide 
  • Date and Time:  Wednesday, September 23   6:00 – 7:00 p.m. 
  • Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/93173776368    Passcode: LPA92020 

For more information on upcoming sessions, visit the LPA webpage

*NEW* PSAT/NMSQT® Testing for 10th and 11th graders 

Katy ISD will continue to administer the PSAT/NMSQT®, which helps students prepare for future SAT testing and provides entry into the National Merit® Scholarship Program for students who meet the criteria.   

The district will offer two testing days to accommodate students: 

  • October 14, 2020: 11th grade Face-to-Face and KVA students and 10th/11th grade registered homeschooled students for the PSAT/NMSQT® 
  • 9th, 10th & 12th will remain at home and engage with assigned asynchronous lessons.   
  • KVA students, who are eligible for transportation, may ride the district bus to and from their campus on their scheduled PSAT date. 
  • Parents can check district transportation ridership eligibility here - http://busroutes.katyisd.org/wqliveweb/webquery/ 
  • KVA parents may pick up their KVA child prior to the end of the school day. 
  • KVA students may opt to stay at the campus and, if eligible for transportation, may ride the bus home after school hours; however, students will be placed in a large room setting until the end of school. 
  • Before and after school programs/practices will remain on schedule. 
  • Homeschool students must register with attendance zone home campus. Both 10th and 11th graders will test on October 14, 2020. 
  • October 29, 2020: 10th grade Face-to-Face and KVA students for the PSAT/NMSQT® 
  • 9th, 11th & 12th will remain at home and engage with assigned asynchronous lessons. 
  • KVA students, who are eligible for transportation, may ride the district bus to and from their campus on their scheduled PSAT date. 
  • Parents can check district transportation ridership eligibility here - http://busroutes.katyisd.org/wqliveweb/webquery/ 
  • KVA parents may pick up their KVA child prior to the end of the school day. 
  • KVA students may opt to stay at the campus and if eligible for transportation, may ride the bus home after school hours; however, students will be placed in a large room setting until the end of school. 
  • Before and after school programs/practices will remain on schedule. 

In the coming week, KVA parents will receive an email on how to register for or how to decline testing.  The registration must be completed by Monday, September 28, 2020 by 4:00 PM. Current 11th graders who do not test, but are interested in entry in the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) will need to contact this organization as early as possible.  Questions regarding National Merit options can be directed to 847-866-5100. 

KVA and Face-to-Face Instruction students will be in the same testing rooms. Students will need to abide by the Campus & Classroom Protocols listed under SMARTRestart on the Katy ISD website. For the health and safety of all students and staff, parents are required to assist their children with a pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms and fever before arriving to school, or boarding school transportation. Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times. 

Please keep in mind that plans are subject to change given executive orders issued by the state or counties.  For additional information, please contact your child’s campus Testing Facilitator. 

*Updated* In-Person and KVA Instruction Opt-In/Opt-Out 

Students who opted for the Katy Virtual Academy (KVA) learning option will continue with their KVA schedule through the end of the current six-week (secondary) and nine-week (elementary) grading period.  Campuses have worked extremely hard to balance in-person and virtual classes as well as implement all campus phase 1 safety protocols.  

Secondary – submission window to change your child’s current instructional delivery option closes today, September 18. The change in instruction will begin on Sept. 28 (the first day of the second grading period). Here is the Commitment Form link for secondary requests: KVA and In-Person 2nd Grading Period Change Form for Junior High School or High School.  

Elementary – submission window will be open September 21-October 2. The change in instruction will begin on Oct. 19 (the first day of the second grading period). The commitment link will be available on your student’s campus home page.  

Reminder - all opt-in changes are in effect at the beginning of the second six-week (secondary) and nine-week (elementary) grading period. Changes to instructional delivery settings can result in a change in your child’s teacher(s) and daily schedule.   

Reminder – if you would like your child to remain in the instructional delivery setting he/she is currently in, there is NO action needed on the part of the parent. 

If you have any questions regarding the next opportunity to change your child’s learning option for the second grading period, please email KVA@katyisd.org.   

If there is a need for a change in your child’s learning option due to a medical hardship, please email your concern to medicalhardship@katyisd.org.  Pending the decision of the review committee, students will remain in their current learning option that was elected prior to the start of the school year on August 19.  

Transportation Bus Service & Route Information 

Transportation WebQuery is now available! Are you eligible for Bus Service? Katy ISD Transportation WebQuery can tell you. Find your Bus Number, Bus Stop and Pickup Time by using the WebQuery. Enter Your House Number and Street, select your child's grade or school and find out about your eligibility for service, or when and where your child can catch the bus.  

Weather Events and Virtual Learning 

Katy ISD closely monitors impending weather events. During a weather event, the District provides families and staff with regular updates. In the case that a weather event affects families’ internet access during virtual learning, campuses will work with students to ensure they are not negatively impacted by attendance nor academically, due to an inability to connect to a virtual class or online assignment.   

Student Mask/Face Covering/Face Shield Requirements 

Katy ISD asks all students and staff to provide their own face covering from home. Katy ISD will make every effort to provide a face covering to those unable to provide their own or should an individual’s face covering become ineffective during school hours. Katy ISD safety protocols for student masks/face coverings/face shields have been updated to ensure consistency and to maximum safety protocols and protections across all buildings and grade levels.  

  • All staff are required to wear a mask, face covering, or face shield when in a Katy ISD facility 
  • Students, grades 4-12 are required to wear a mask, face covering, or face shield upon arrival to school and dismissal, when riding buses, in hallways, common areas, and in classrooms.   
  • Students in grades PK-3 are required to wear a mask, face covering, or face shield upon arrival and dismissal, in the hallways, common areas, on the school bus and, when developmentally appropriate, in the classrooms. 
  • Katy ISD recognizes our younger students and their range of abilities, including the wearing of a facial covering during classroom instruction, may vary due to the child’s stage of development. Alternative measures of safety are available for our younger students who may not be able to wear a facial covering at all times when inside the classroom.  Parents of PK-3 grade students are encouraged to contact their child’s campus principal or campus nurse with questions regarding the wearing of a facial covering within the classroom. 

Face coverings include non-medical and medical grade disposable face masks and cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth), and face shields.  Full-face shields may be used in place of a mask to protect eyes, nose, and mouth and must cover one’s face, extending below the chin. 

Non-Compliance with Mask Requirement 

Katy ISD is offering parents the option of virtual or in-person instruction. Students who do not comply with safety protocols in place for in-person instruction will be transitioned to Katy Virtual Academy for the duration of the grading period. KVA students participating in in-person school related activities before and after the start of the instructional day must also follow the same safety protocols. Students who do not wear masks/face coverings as required by District safety protocols will not be allowed to participate in school related activities. Should a student have a medical condition that would preclude him/her from wearing a mask, the parent is requested to provide the campus nurse documentation from their medical provider. 

Parent and Student Technology Support 

Temporary Student IDs and How to Access Them  

Elementary and secondary students can access a temporary ID badge via the Student ID App available on the MyKaty Cloud (click here for instructions).  Secondary campuses will soon communicate additional information about specific dates and times when secondary students will receive their permanent student ID. 

Virtual Learning & Day 1 Readiness  

Students: Getting Started on Day 1 of virtual learning:  

  • Know your Katy ISD username and password. If you do not know this information, clickherefor help.  
  • Go to the Home Access Center (HAC) and view your schedule.
  • PreK-4th grade students will need their parent/guardian to login to the HAC  
  • 5th –12th grade students can login to the HAC using their student credentials  
  • Launch the Google Chrome browser on your device.

If using a personal device, make sure it is up to date, click here for help.  

  • Go toMyKaty Cloud:https://mykaty.katyisd.org   
  • Ensure you haveWebpassenabled, click here for help.  
  • Find Canvas (under the Elementary or Secondary tab onMyKatyCloud): 
    • Click on the course that contains the name of your first class (refer to schedule in HAC).  
    • Be on time to each course throughout the day, as attendance will be taken. Your teacher will have instructions for you about content and an online meeting link. 

Technology Help Desk Contacts for Parents/Students Support Inquiries  

Online: Katy ISD Tech Help 

Or, click “Help” in Canvas  

Or, call: 281.396.7400 (6:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.) 

Or, e-mail: parenttechsupport@katyisd.org 

How to Guide” for Parents on the Home Access Center (HAC) 

Need to know how to view a report card, student grades, or other information? Check out our “how to guides” on the Home Access Center, or click below. 

Home Access Center (HAC) User Guide (English) 

Home Access Center (HAC) User Guide (Spanish) 

COVID-19 Self-Reporting APP, Notifications & Information 

The District has a COVID-19 Reporting System in place to allow staff, students and parents to self-report if they have received a COVID-19 positive test result. The self-reporting system enables the District’s Emergency Management team to conduct contact tracing, as well as call and notify individuals in Katy ISD buildings who may have been directly exposed to the infected person. A general email notification is also sent to campus staff and families whenever the district is informed of a potential “indirect” COVID-19 exposure in their building. Receipt of the general notification alone indicates that the recipient was not in close contact to the COVID-19 positive case reported for their building. 

Many school personnel and other staff are teaching and working on Katy ISD campuses and facilities. Should there be a potential COVID-19 exposure on any campus or facility, a general notification is sent to staff at the work site impacted, by the end of the day in which the self-report was submitted. Staff who may have been directly exposed because of failed COVID-19 safety protocol will be notified directly by a member of the Risk Management Department.   

Parents receive applicable campus-based general notifications during the regular school year, when in-person instruction is taking place.  

Students and staff may report positive COVID-19 results using the COVID-19 Self Reporting app on the District website homepage and MyKaty Cloud. 

Katy ISD Athletic Department High School Athletics Start-Up  

Click here for more information about high school athletics updates. 

Katy ISD Athletic Department Junior High School Athletics Start-Up 

Click here for more information about junior high athletics updates

Fine Arts Updates 

Opening weekend of football and halftime performances begin Thursday, Sept. 24.  Parents of performing fine art students will receive a link to purchase tickets for these events from their campus directors.  These tickets will become available on Monday morning at 9 a.m. the week of the game.  Due to the limited seating capacity it is highly recommended to reserve your tickets as soon as possible.  To review the Katy ISD district football schedule visit http://www.katyisd.org/dept/athletics/Pages/default.aspx for details. 

Virtual Theatre performances begin this weekend!  Visit the district fine arts calendar http://www.katyisd.org/dept/finearts/Pages/Calendar.aspx for information to gain access to these performances. 

Texas Art Education Association names Katy ISD as a 2020 District of Distinction.  This honor recognizes the highest rated art programs in the state and this year identifies Katy ISD as one of the top 4% visual art programs in the state. 

Technology Device Request Form- Available! 

All students may use their personally-owned laptops, computers and/or smart devices for intermittent and KVA virtual learning. Parents with a child(ren) in need of a device, may request a device through the  Student Device Request Form.  

Campus Distributions & Student ID Badges 

Parents and/or students will be required to show a Katy ISD student ID when checking out devices. Students’ 2019-20 ID badges can be used for device checkout if available.  Otherwise, elementary and secondary students will be able to access a temporary ID badge via the Student ID App available on the MyKaty cloud (click here for instructions). The badge will include the student’s photo, ID number and bar code. 

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